Monday, August 26, 2013

My Sissy School Pajama Party Google Hangout On Air

My Sissy School Pajama Party Google Hangout On Air

Hi gurls, Yes I will soon be holding a My Sissy School Pajama Party Google Hangout On Air, just as soon as you follow the RSVP instructions within the open topic at My Sissy School

If sweet sissies want to snatch up the collectors items for these events, just visit the cafepress store:

Sissy Pajamas Pink

New My Sissy School Back To School Sale Items

New My Sissy School Back To School Sale Items

My Sissy School Lunch Bag

My Sissy School Wine Cooler

My Sissy School 1L Drink Bottle

Friday, August 9, 2013

Origami Class in Sissymaid Training

Origami Class in Sissymaid Training
Head Mistress has ordered a new set of Origami Paper and I encourage that Sissies do so also, to attend the next Origami Class in Sissymaid Training

Origami Classes will be conducted LIVE, Google On Air

Classroom enrolment for this training module is at My Sissy School.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Chic Sissymaid Handbags

Chic Sissymaid Handbags

Small Cosmetic Bag
Medium Cosmetic Bag
Sueded Medium Cosmetic Bag
Key Coin Clutch
Mini Clutch
Sueded Mini Clutch
Clip On Accessory Bag
Travel Accessory Bag

Link >>> Chic Maid Handbags

Google OnAir Hangout for Sissymaid Training

Google OnAir Hangout for Sissymaid Training

Hangout account for My Sissy School Training Modules:
A) High Heels & in the Kitchen, Cooking with Class
B) Sewing Classes for Sissymaids
C) Finishing Training for Sissymaids, including Origami and serving presentations training.

Head Mistress Kitty von My Sissy School

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Attention all sissies to this Assembly Announcement

Attention all sissies to this Assembly Announcement
It has come to My attention that there have been a lot of waggers from classrooms and noncompleted homework assignments. I am most disappointed and am disgraced by your dissidencies.

Therefore, not only must you complete at least one homework project by the end of the weekend, but I must gravely inform you that you must report to the sissy Detention Hall of Shame and there you must write an essay, conveying that you understand that you have been naughty, a right brat deserving even of the cane, for not completing homework as commanded. I expect such conveyance will also include many humble apologies and tears.

Detention Hall of Shame
outside the Office of Head Mistress

I would further like to bring to your attentions the Terms of enrolment at My Sissy School. Take a moment to reflect on these Terms and GET TO CLASS!

Strictly, Head Mistress Kitty von My Sissy School

Monday, January 21, 2013

Welcome new sissies to My Sissy School

Welcome new sissies to My Sissy School

Sissymaid Hannele
sissy connie
Sissy 532123
sissy joanna
sissy leah
Sissy Gigi

Please make your way to My Sissy School introductions board and Sissy Lounge to greet your new classmates

Friday, November 30, 2012

Sissy playtime

Little Sissy Melissa Pink von My Sissy School was such a good wee girlie in her pretty frillies, that Head Mistress designed for her, her very own Sissy playtime poker cards. So now she has an extra game to play at her girly tea parties!
Strip Jack Naked!

Link: Sissy playtime poker cards

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Its Bra Time Training for sissies

It's Bra Time, Training Module for sissies.
Login to the classroom to join this training session: It's Bra Time, Training Module

Link >>> Wearing a Bra and loving it

For Sissy Brats who are too gutless to do this training module, you must report to the Sissy Detention Hall of Shame at once and write your lines in detention!

Link >>> Spank me, I'm a Brat

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lil Sissy Babygirl Party

Lil Sissy Babygirl Party
Hello sissies, Yes the rumours are true, We are to hold regular sissy babygirl parties. Guests will be kept at a maximum of 3, meaning that I can only allow 3 guests to attend, per party. It is a lot of work for a Mama Mistress and so, this is My reason. Afterall what mother would have 50 babies to care for all at once? Not in My lifetime! lolz

My sissy babygirl, Melissa Pink, fondly named by Me as "cupcakes", would be absolutely over a pink sissy moon should you wish to be one of her guests for an afternoon party.

Now, the reason I have for stating "Afternoon" parties, is as this is much more appropriate and within AB and age roleplay, as compared with other fetish parties which prefer night times. Also, these sissy parties will be sober parties for sissies, you can have a handled cup or bottle of milk to drink, or perhaps some cordial from a play teaset as you sit around a wee table with your other frilly girlfriends, giggling and eating cake too.

Whilst I bustle around you, cooing My affections and serving treats and generally protecting you all. Perhaps I may be sipping a Pina Colada and having My own party as the adult. I will of course initiate some games, but these games are age appropriate and fun.

Cost? A pretty wrapped present for Melissa Pink. Just like any other party in the real world.

For party dates, do pop Me a message

sissy girly panties confession

sissy girly panties confession
For me but in my very early teens i no i love to see how it feels to wear yummy girly wear as i share a room with my sister who was too years older that me she would get up dressed and just drop her stuff in the room in a pile like her school uniform and tights and her warm panties and run out to meet boys or her friends not a care i the world i see them just laying on the floor begging to be pick up and to be wore again it such i rush to wear them noing you much not put them near your skin it like a sin but you no it will happen very soon and you going to enjoy the soft warm cotton so much and your lil sissy clitty love you for it allways and you going to look in her pantie draw for more yummy things to feel and touch and hope you find pink ones satin or silk maybe lace ones to and you long for the day you mite go pantie shopping with a girl to and one that likes to put you in her panties and you get your very own draw to fill up will sum many diff types of yummy girly wear and bras sus belts stocking tights maybe so tampxs or allways near you sexy panties and you no wearing only girly panties getts you in a right mode to feel your self deep with in your soul to wear these panties is like a gift for your new lady goddness and you craver more of them only and need to feel them near your bare smooth skin daily and when in bed or other putting hand your your panties and play as if you was just a girl you sure be wearing panties it the best thing you just wish for and it the best feeling and nice to walk in them under your stuff looking at panties on the net or mags your on other people feeling panties and playing in panties rubbing them washing buying them such i rush and shape or side new ones old ones all feel like you no them and that how it should be in your dailly life enfored your body in to the girly plesure of Panties just the name gives you a nice warm glow in you and that you very happen to wear them for ever

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Boobjob for Sissymaid Vanessa

Boobjob for Sissymaid Vanessa
Sissymaid Vanessa is really turning up the sexy heat and is rubbing her nipples in eager excitement for a Boobjob, to become voluptuous and more feminine and a real live sexy doll for you.

Now you can help pay for her Boobjob and marvel at her transformation into a beautiful swan.

Be sure to visit her Wishlist too, as her exotic feminine desires are burning hot as she leaps into the World of kink and ecstacy.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hygiene and Feminization Toilet Training for Sissies

Hygiene and Feminization Toilet Training for Sissies
Hallo Sissies, it is about high time that I train you appropriately with your toiletting manners and hygiene techniques formuli.

Join the classroom now

Hypno Fetish Lolita Sissy

Hypno Fetish Lolita Sissy
Sissy Melissa Pink is still playing happily and brings you, her new entertainment Hypno Fetish Lolita Sissy mp3 and video

Here's a tiny wee peep:

pop on over to her profile page at ♕ Sissy Online ♕ and visit her >>>pink~teddybear~wishlist<<< she can't wait for a nice Daddy or sister sissy to be wery nice. Share a little love to such a sweet lolita sissygirl

Sissy of the Month is Sissy Melissa Pink

Sissy of the Month is Sissy Melissa Pink

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Good sissymaids get treats and Salon Treatments

Yes, that's right gurls, Good sissymaids get treats and Salon Treatments.
In regards to My posting in the Sissy Lounge, Topic: "Mistress on Tour", this is what My good sissymaid gets:

Salon Treatment of Deep Cleansing in preparation for Thermage Treatment (to build facial and neck collagen) ... and here, My darlings is what I just now emailed to a Salon in the said sissymaids district:

Hallo, I will be in the Bournemouth area, next month and, I am just wondering how much time in advance do you need for a booking( -s ) for deep cleansing facial treatments? 60mins.
I would require two (2) consecutive appointments; one for Myself, firstly and, another for My sissymaid (transvestite). Or alternatively, both at the same time with 2 beauticians? If so, please advise and I will bring gourmet snacks and champagne (or any other drink you may wish to request, to make our stay with you more pleasureable for all concerned). Yes, My sissymaid will arrive in casual clothing, as a man, if you prefer.

Thanking you for considerations, I look forward to your swift responses,


I am not a cheap b*tch, darlinks.
Head Mistress Kitty

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sissymaid Vanessa

Sissymaid Vanessa
From: Tampere, Finland

Fetish + Gasmasks + Gay + Leather Slave + Lolita Sissy + Panty Slut + Role Play + Rubber Slave + School Girl Sissy + Sissy Adult youngest + Sissy Age Play Phone Sex + Sissy Cross Dressing + Sissy Girl Next Door + Sissy Shemale + Slave + SM CBT + Submissive Phone Sex + Tranny

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Little Sissy Parties

Little Sissygirl Parties von Sissy Melissa Pink

Sissy Melissa Pink says: "i am allowed to have little sissygirl parties, Mamasan says! so please visit my sissy wishlist and tribute for party cakes and yummies too, would be really nice of you. If you want to come to any of my parties, you can call me to talk about this"

Sissy Melissa Pink

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sissy of the Month lilemily

Sissy of the Month is lilemily
Sissy of the Month, lilemily von My Sissy School

lilemily will be receiving a lovely sissy gift package, she can tell you all what her gifts are when she receives them, in the Sissy Lounge.

Sissy of the Month is decided by Myself considering the factors of participation in Training Modules and overall active participation and sweet behaviour within O/our community.
Are you next months winner?
Get to class!

Head Mistress Kitty von MySissySchool.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pina Colada Training Module to please Esteemed Mistresses

Pina Colada Training Module to please Esteemed Mistresses
Today sissies, I teach you how to make the perfect Homemade Pina Coladas to please your Esteemed Mistresses
Classroom: Training Modules with Head Mistress Kitty von My Sissy School

It would be nice to hear of how your Mistress may have liked this Training Module in Her Honour.
All sissies are welcome to present photo’s to the classroom at My Sissy School.

Head Mistress Kitty von My Sissy School
says to The Sisterhood: Prost!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

How to say Goodbye to an Ex, Training Module

How to say Goodbye to an Ex, Training Module

Hallo sissies, today I offer an unique training module regarding How to say Goodbye to an Ex. W/we have all had ex's and so I offer you a page from My book, for you to utilise for yourself.

your ex, not matter what form he/she takes, usually consists of a mere two haunting elements
1) they were an a*hole
2) you feel used, even after considerable time is passing

So this is what I suggest to you
visit sissy classroom for How to say Goodbye to an Ex, Training Module

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Suspended Brats Club

Suspended Brats Club
for bratty sissies who have appeared outside the office of Head Mistress, in the Detention Hall of Shame, more than twice!

Link >>> Suspended Brats Club coffeeshop

My Sissy School

Sissy Training modules, competitions and prizegivings, domestic sissymaid training, sissy community, hosted by a beautiful debonaire Head Mistress with three decades experience